Most concrete auto stains are concentrated in a small drip zone (2’x 2’) (61x61cm) in parking stalls or drive-up windows. Usually the entire area does not need to be cleaned, only the ugly stain. The ReKRETE Spot Shot procedure concentrates only on that stain quick, economical and best of all its waterless.

ReKRETE concrete cleaner is a dry powder developed to consume petroleum stains without water or liquid cleaners/degreasers. ReKRETE is waterless before, during and after the cleaning process.

  • No contaminated water runoff
  • Wastewater runoff may impact the environment. Many local governments require capturing wastewater from power washing.

Environmentally Friendly

ReKRETE penetrates deep into concrete pores because it’s a dense, finely ground powder, packed with surfactants and bio-enzymes that consume petroleum hydrocarbons.

How ReKRETE Penetrates

How ReKRETE Penetrates

Once the chain is broken, ReKRETE decomposes and dissolves the hydro-carbons with bio-organic compounds that literally consume the stain. PROJECTS A CLEAN IMAGE